The Safe Uses of Iodine Supplements

Iodine is such an amazing, almost miraculous trace element which most of us unfortunately know little about and take for granted.  We know it’s found in products from the sea yet we wonder, “Am I getting enough?” and “Do I need an iodine supplement?”

I say no to the first question and emphatically yes to the second. 

There are a number of very important health reasons for taking these trace minerals which I’ll cover in upcoming posts but for now, a few words of caution.

There are many physicians (MD’s, DO’s, ND’s and Chiropractors) and online marketers recommending and selling iodine supplements which are 100, 200, even 500 times the MDR (minimum daily requirement).  I agree, this MDR of 150mcg is far too little.  It is barely enough to sustain life, not even close to what we need for optimal health.

Yet these megadoses are dangerous!

I know this because I used to be a high-dose iodine & iodide prescriber until I started reviewing follow-up lab tests on patients.  I was shocked, literally shaking at the knees and worried about medical liability.

If you are taking more than 3mg of the combination of iodine and iodide stop today!  It may be harming your thyroid without you even knowing it.

I’ll soon review the biochemical dangers of iodine and iodide and what the medical research and lab tests show.

But I want to clarify something.  The effects of iodine and iodide are truly miraculous if used wisely.  They both play essential roles in physical and mental health.  They are vital during pregnancy and lactation for the health of our offspring.  They have proven to prevent numerous diseases and play a major role in protecting our endocrine system from environmental chemicals.  A healthy life is impossible without iodine and iodide.

Soon I’ll explore hundreds of medical journal articles from around the world to help you realize the importance of iodine supplements, what the optimal doses of these two trace elements are and the reasons why eating products from the sea is just not enough.

Until then…

Dr. Alexander Haskell, N.D.

iodine supplements

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