Iodine Supplements – Prevalence of Thyroid Dysfunction

In a study just published in the medical journal Entdocrine, October 23, 2010, a total of 1,124 men and women in Spain were studied to determine if there was any correlation between thyroid dysfunction and their urinary output of iodine.  There wasn’t but what they did find was that 9.4% of the women and 2.4% of the men had previously undiagnosed thyroid antibodies, a condition by the name of Hasimoto’s. 

Looking at the percentages with a total of 11.8% of the people in the study having this thyroid autoimmune condition, and considering what these figures might mean in the US population, we could be looking at 30 million plus people with undiagnosed Hashimoto’s.

Since iodine and iodine can aggravate this disease people seeking out iodine supplements thinking this will help their condition should be made aware of the possiblity that these trace minerals might very well worsen their condition.

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