Iodine Supplements – Improving Children’s Cognition

A recent double-blind trial in the medical journal, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, placed 184 iodine deficient children into two groups with the first group receiving just 150mcg of iodine and the second group a placebo.

After 28 weeks the supplemented group’s iodine status improved whereas the placebo group remained iodine deficient. 

Their conclusion was “Iodine supplementation improved perceptual reasoning in the iodine deficient children and suggests that iodine deficiency could prevent children from attaining their full intellectual potential.”

In my practice, unless the person was already using an iodine supplement, every single person I tested, using the same methods as this trial, had either an iodine deficiency or an iodine insufficiency. 

Iodine should be provided for every child from day one and even during their fetal months.  There are many factors for a child’s low performance in school but an iodine deficiency is one that’s very easy to correct.

Dr. Alexander Haskell, N.D.

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