Alternative Medicine – The Best of Both Worlds

You can call it alternative medicine, complementary medicine or holistic medicine.  It’s all one in the same yet can anyone simply call themselves a practitioner of alternative medicine when they haven’t had any medical training?

I think it’s the word “medicine” which needs some clarification.  Just because a person is offering an alternative to mainstream or orthodox medicine does not mean they are practicing alternative “medicine.”  Without medical training a person should not be considered a practitioner of medicine, no matter what form it takes.  Understanding a person’s illness requires knowledge and clinical experience.  Treating anyone with a medical condition without this training is bordering on quackery especially if the client has been told they don’t need a physician. 

There is certainly a place for herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, raw foods, massage, and chiropractic but only if their client has been thoroughly investigated by a knowledgeable, alternative, licensed physician who can interpret lab results and other means of diagnostics such as thermography and ultrasound. 

In an ideal world a person should work with a cooperative team including a knowledgeable physician in conjunction with other supportive health professionals.  Any health professional who thinks they can do it alone without the support of others in the field of health and wellness may not have the best interest of their client in mind. 

Alternative medicine is not simply an alternative to allopathic or “medical” health care.  It is using and combining every tool and every means we have available to support a client’s health.  If this means using pharmacy, then so be it.  If the person is strong or vital enough to respond to nutrition, supplements, and homeoapthy alone, then so be it.

But we, as professionals, are realizing more and more every day that what people used to be able to respond to to recover their health is changing.  It requires much more now. 

People are definitely more stressed these days, have been on nutrient deficient foods for much longer, and have accumulated many more toxins in the last decade than any decade before. 

So if you are a health professional or a person seeking help from a practitioner of alternative medicine, let us understand that just because a person uses the term alternative medicine it doesn’t mean that this person has the knowledge or the experience to understand the underlying cause of their client’s condition and without this it is impossible to know what approach needs to be administered.

Thank you,

Dr. Alexander Haskell, N.D.

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